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Rituals for Spring Equinox

nature rituals seasons Mar 19, 2024
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Today on my hike around the mountain, I felt so safe and so relaxed, even with the sun already down and the evening light dimming. The birds were swirling and singing with excitement and yellow buds were bursting on cholla stems. Hope is in the air.

Spring is here! Green grasses are popping up in patches among the brown. The last full moon of winter is behind us. I can sense the nature beings around me waking up with enthusiasm. I can’t help but feel the same way, eager for the infinite possibilities of the new season.

Absolutely anything is possible in spring. Spring is a time of new beginnings. Cubs are born and adventure out of the cave to start their life journey with no idea what’s ahead of them.

We can expect the unexpected. A new wildflower pops up out of the woodchip groundcover that I haven’t seen in four years. What perfect climatic recipe will transpire to bring about which new plants this year?

If you are feeling challenged by the state of the world right now, unabashedly and shamelessly welcome in spring energy. If you are feeling lethargic, put a spring in your step! (Pun intended.)

Break free from the shell—embodied, mythic, cultural, metaphorical, energetic shell—birth yourself anew from the old detritus of previous seasons of you. Holding yourself back from prospering will benefit nobody. You don’t ask the apple tree to stop blooming because wars are raging across the world or the election outcomes are looking dire.

Breathe deep the fresh spring air as buds blossom in the breeze.

Gaze skyward at night for the new constellations appearing in the cosmos—Leo, Cancer, Virgo and Hydra.

Listen deeply, hold still, tune your ears to the song of bees, the long away hum awakening again.

All the blessings of spring. There is so much to celebrate.

Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox:

  1. My favorite way to celebrate spring is a spring treasure hunt. This is especially fun to do with kids, but wonderful for your inner child as well. Hunt for the first signs of spring as you walk somewhere in nature. Get curious and creative. Indulge in wonderment at the newness all around you.
  2. Spring Cleaning. Yes, you heard me right. Celebrate spring by cleaning your house. As you clean, sense yourself sweeping away winter’s debris from your home and your being. Open all the windows and doors and let winter join the warm air and drift away. Fill your home with your favorite scents and sing songs of renewal as you wipe away the old dirt and energy.
  3. Dig in the dirt. Plant bulbs in the warm soil that will greet you in a few weeks like a gift your past-self gave to your future-self. Turn over the soil and infuse it with compost to prepare your garden. Breathe in the scent of rich earth arising. Plant kale, chard, spinach, and other cold hardy veggies. Plant fruit trees to create a legacy of stewardship for generations to come.
  4. Journal about what you are birthing anew in your life now. Write about your hopes for the new season. Write the most outrageous best-case scenario and feel into the deliciousness of limitless potential.
  5. Join a Spring Equinox Ritual to create an intention for the new season.


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