As women, we have been treated our whole lives as if we are precious. Let's return to the wild, to the forest, where we are not precious at all, where we have dirt in our nails and leaves in our hair and wind in our cackles.

Let's call in the full, shining light of our own selves and celebrate the strong divine feminine under the bright solstice sun. Let's feel into our own sun, our own glowing confidence in being who we are, our most authentic, whole being.


  • Saturday 1:30pm Arrive at Santa Barbara Campground

  • 2-5pm ReWild Your Words: Forest Bathing + journaling

  • 5pm set up camp

  • 6pm pot luck dinner (please bring something to share)

  • 8pm Summer Solstice Ritual with bonfire (if allowed)

  • Sunday AM gentle morning yoga and meditation by river


    *Perhaps plan a hike before or after the event

    *You provide your own breakfast, lunch and camping gear

ReWild Your Words

We'll begin our event with this 3 hour journey into the liminal realm where the forest will open us to the limitless possibilities of rewilding our spirits. ReWild Your Words combines Forest Bathing with journaling with opportunities to share and ends with gathering for forest tea.

Summer Solstice Fire Ritual

Perhaps there will be fire. Maybe dance. Probably drumming. And hopefully you will bring your songs. We will share a manifestation spell together, using the twilight space of the longest day of the year to conjure magic and our fullest selves for the months ahead.

Who knows what tent dreams we may have?

Gentle AM Yoga

Bring your mat or towel and join us by the river to allow the sounds of a new day to guide our meditation and slow movement practice and emobdy the previous night's intentions.

Not all of us are comfortable camping or have camping gear and some of us are old pros. We will support each other when the need arises, creating a safe space to ask for help from each other whether if it is being witness to heavy emotions or lending out a tent or giving a hand across the river. 


“Fill your life with women that empower you, that help you believe in your magic and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too. Women that believe in each other can survive anything."
--Nikita Gill

Sliding Scale

Because I don't want anyone who feels called to attend to not come due to financial restraints, this event is sliding scale. If you have extra, please pay at the top of the scale to support sisters who might not be able to at this time.

Suggested price