Communicate with the natural world.

Receive answers you trust from your intuition.

Discover a meaningful, magical and spiritual life.

A 5-week course to go from self-doubt and stressed out to a calm, connected and confident Nature Intuitive.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, you’ve probably been led to believe that you have to be born with psychic abilities or have a near-death experience to uncover them. Maybe you believe only certain special people are truly intuitive.

But here's what you might not know,

nature intuition is your birthright.

Everyone has the ability to build and strengthen their intuitive muscle to channel the truth you need from your highest self and your spirit guides. And since you are nature, the natural world is always available to be in relationship with you.

Benefit #1: Communicate with the Natural World

Once you are able to communicate with the nature beings all around you, you will feel connected to the divine in everything, feel a sense of belonging, never feel alone again, absorb nature’s healing properties, be in right relationship with the natural world, and help to shift the greater consciousness of humanity into right relationship.

Benefit #2: Trust Your Intuition

Feel confident and at peace with your daily decisions, big and small, so you access all the answers that you need within yourself and with your connection to nature. Release yourself from the burden of self-doubt. You will no longer need to seek out other's opinions.

Benefit #3: Live a Spiritually Meaningful Life

Discover a spiritual, meaningful and magical life by connecting to the divine in everything. You will be able to accept and be at peace with divine timing, allowing life to unfold with ease. Learn to create rituals to bring a state of divine reverence into daily life.

Benefit #4: Be at Ease

With the help of nature connections, you will learn to slow down and accept life as it comes without having to hustle, strive, stress and burn out. In time, you can ease your anxiety and depression.

Benefit #5: Self-confidence

As you connect with your nature intuition and your wild soul, your authentic whole self will shine through. You will no longer need to seek external validation or self-worth from work, money, titles, labels or anything else.

You are a Nature Intuitive.

When you discover that you can communicate with a ponderosa pine, canyon river, quartz crystal, sunflower, boulder, cloud, lizard, mountain, the wind or grandmother moon, then you realize the thousands of new kin, all the wild beings of the natural world, that you can learn from and commune with.


The world becomes one in which you always belong and you are never alone.


These inter-species communications were common for thousands of years amongst humans as a universal experience and still exists within us intrinsically as your birthright.


This requires us to relax and use all our senses, trust our intuition, understand our imaginal perceptions and participate in reciprocal relationship with the natural world.

The truth is, many old souls like you who long to connect with the deep, wild wisdom within, struggle to find their way. 

Of course, it's not their fault. Without a clear step-by-step method to develop your nature intuition, it can be really challenging. Understanding that the magical and the mundane are intertwined, we learn that the ability to communicate with nature can be simple. With the right tools and integrating all the levels of nature intuition, anything is possible. But without the methods and support, it can be difficult to find our way.

Here's why that's a problem: 

As long as we believe ourselves to be separate from the natural world, we will continue to decimate and exploit our habitat. The more people who are able to connect with their nature intuition, the sooner we will be able to return to an animist era of living in reciprocal relationship with all the nature beings we share this world with.


a new geological era characterized by harmonious companionship between humans and all living beings and when life on Earth isn't destroyed, but instead nurtured, by humans.

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Don't let these limiting beliefs stop you...

Limiting Belief #1: I don't have an intuitive bone in my body.

We are all born intuitive, but are taught at a young age that our intuition is irrational or silly or even scary, so we repress it.

In fact, you are already using your intuition everyday and you probably don't even realize it.

Intuition is a muscle that you need to exercise just like a bicep and I'll show you how with my Intuition Transmission Technique.

Limiting Belief #2: I have to live in the country to connect with nature.

Actually, nature is everything, all around us and within us.

Even if you live in the middle of a city, there are parks, rivers, squirrles, house plants and cats to commune with.

There are also plant medicines that you take for your cold, crystals that you wear on your necklace and the land beneath the city that is still very much alive and longing to communicate with you.

I'll show you how to do all of those things in Earth Sensory Perception.

Limiting Belief #3: Nature Intuitives are "outdoorsy types" who love to camp in the woods by themselves.

Yes, many Nature Intuitives are "outdoorsy types," but you certainly don't have to be. Your love for nature is enough.

If you are allergic to bugs and trees, you can still communicate with the natural world right from your own home without having to leave your living room.

You can even stay in bed and communicate through your dreams when you learn more about Dreamwork in Module 2 of Earth Sensory Perception.

Limiting Belief #4: I've tried all kinds of things to help me feel better and this isn't going to be any different.

Humans have evolved for thousands of years alongside the natural world and it is only in modern history that we have begun to percieve ourselves as separate and superior to nature. In doing so, we have caused environmental devastation, as well as an influx of diseases and disorders.

And yet, we are nature. We are an integral part of our ecosystem, not a destructive parasite. When we are disconnected from nature, we are disconnected from ourselves.

If you are a nature lover and feel called to this course, it is likely that you are deeply feeling this disconnection and this is the path for you.

Anyone and everyone has the ability to become a Nature Inuitive if they have the desire and devotion to do so.

My signature comprehensive process begins with shifting our MINDSET. We tap into the logical world of science, facts and research to reprogram our beliefs around nature. But, that’s about it for logic.  ;-)
Next, we rediscover our innate INTUITION by clarifying and developing the extra sensory gifts we are already using everyday.
Then, dive into the magic of the MYTHIC IMAGINAL of personal and collective archetypes in order to develop our symbolic language for reading signs and messages.
And then, we explore the sensual realm of BODYFULNESS or embodiment, where we are present with all our senses awake.
Lastly, we explore RIGHT RELATIONSHIP, developing our own unique practice to be in a reciprocal relationship with nature, the divine and ourselves.
This multilayer process integrates mind, body and psyche with MAGIC, connecting all aspects of ourselves to the natural world to return who we were always meant to be.

 See if any of these questions resonate with you:

  • Do you long to feel at peace the way you do in moments in nature when nothing else matters but the hot pink sunset or the sound of crashing waves? Do you wish you could feel that peace and ease in your daily life?
  • Do you feel called to be in soulful relationship with the natural world around you? Would you like to learn how to answer the call?
  • Do you want to communicate with plants, rocks, landscapes and more to access the healing powers of the natural world easily within reach?
  • Do you want to understand the omens and signs that nature is using to send you messages from the Universe?
  • Do you want to feel free and alive in your body connected to the natural elements in everyday moments?
  • Do you¬†wish you could stop doubting yourself and find the wellspring within to call up the answers you need when you need them?
  • Do you lack trust that everything is divinely timed and perfect?¬†
  • Do you long to help the Earth and stop the destruction you see humanity waging against it? Do you wish you knew how?
  • Do you yearn for a greater sense of belonging?
  • Do you wish your life had more spiritual meaning?

I've been there and I'd love to support you.

Hi, I'm Johanna!

Nature Therapy Guide, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Energy Worker, Writer, Artist and Nature Intuitive

Today, I am deeply connected to my intuition and the natural world and because of this I feel self-love, belonging, acceptance, ease and contentment that persists even when shit hits the fan.
But it hasn't always been that way.
In 2019, the universe decided my life needed a kick in the ass.

My once all-adoring teen daughter began to dissociate from me with a vengeance, leading to a spiral of motherhood grief. I realized that my career that I had for the last 20 years that I wrapped all of my identity around made me pretty miserable. I also lost my side-business and a longtime friendship simultaneously.

Amidst all this, I found myself in a midlife transition (commonly referred to as a "crisis" for good reason.) I struggled with anxiety, depression and feelings of self-doubt.

But all that changed one day, while I sat with an ancient juniper tree not far from my house, I began speaking out loud all of the things that were upsetting me. I was unloading all of my burdens into what I believed at the time was just empty space. It didn't occur to me then that anyone was listening. But I "heard" a voice back and sensed immediately it was the tree, "You are not these worries. You are so much more." I cried and cried and poured my tears into the soil and I thanked the tree because I believed it. I felt what the juniper said to be true.

I immediately began exploring Nature Intuition. And there honestly isn't much out there, even if you do know what to look for. So I gathered everything I had learned and I figured out what worked and what didn't. 

Today, I am more at peace than I have ever been and I have a proven actionable system to help other people connect with their nature intuition. You don't have to go through a crisis to discover it. It's easier than you think. Once I started communicating with nature, I discovered that the natural world longs to be in relationship with us just as much as we long to be in relationship with the natural world.

I sincerely believe that by teaching people how to access their own nature intuition, we can bring the world back into balance, be in right relationship with the earth and begin to heal not just ourselves but the planet.

What's Inside:

Each week of the course a new module will open.
Taking time with the weekly material will help you to open organically to each new experience.
You'll have access to the material for the lifetime of the course so you can return to it whenever you need to. 
You also have support from me whenever you have any questions. Just email.

Module 0: Introduction to Earth Sensory Perception

In Module 0, you'll learn everything you need to about WHAT Nature Intuition is, WHY everyone needs to be practicing Nature Intuition and HOW we will learn Nature Intuition in this course, including my signature Seed to Sunflower System, the four part system to help you learn all the tools you need in 4 weeks to become a Nature Intuitive.

Module 0 is important for creating the right mindset to become a Nature Intuitive. It will change your perspective of nature and the world!

Module 1: Intuition

Part of being a Nature Intuitive is honing your intuition skills. Intuition is a muscle and I will help you to flex it.

You will:
-Take my Clarify Your Clairs Quiz and reconnect with your intuitive strengths and how to enhance them, as well as, recognize all the ways you use your intuition on the daily.
-Learn my Intuition Transmission Technique, which guides you into a liminal state and gives you the framework for tuning into your intuition.
-This includes the Intuition Transmission Audio Meditation
-And the Chakra Pranayama Guided Audio to help you better recognize the nerve plexuses in your body that you will use for this work.
-Remember how to trust your intuition by differentiating between ego and intuition and between imagination and imaginal
-Practice with the Automatic Writing Basics Printable
-Clear your energy with the Grounding Tree Audio Meditation

Module 1 will give you the confidence you need to trust your intuition that is innate and constant within you!

Module 2: Envision

Nature communication isn't always precise, sometimes intuition requires interpretation. In Module 2, we explore the mythic imaginal realm where intuition speaks in symbols and reality is subjective.

You will:
-Learn about Jungian archetypes and the collective and personal unconscious
-Consider dreaming while awake and why is it important to intuitive work
-Explore all the different ways to read signs
-Remember your dreams to track your archetypes
-Use the Symblopedia Workbook to collect your personal symbols
-Journey with the Inner Garden Guided Imagery Audio Meditation

Module 2 opens the doors of perception to a world in which fairies and elves are real!

Module 3: Embody

In Module 3, we focus on how to stay bodyful and engage all of our senses.

You will:
-Return to your innate bodyfulness and learn why it's important and how to practice it
-Remember how to stay present with all of your senses
-Practice everyday rituals that reconnect you to your Sensory Presence
-Learn how to go Forest Bathing
-Listen to the Sensory Presence Audio Meditation
-Restore your familiarity with the natural world through practices such as Sit Spots, Wildtending and being a Backyard Naturalist

We live in the earthly realm, as does the world of nature, and so in Module 3 we practice how to stay embodied while working with Nature Intuition!

Module 4: Engage

Module 4 is where everything we learned and practiced in all of the other modules come together and we are ready to start communicating with nature beings.

You will:
-Learn the art of reciprocity and how to be in right relationship with nature
-Gather all the tools you need for Land Communication, Plant Communication, Tree Communication and Stone Communication
-Listen to the Mother Earth Father Sky Love Guided Meditation to reconnect with the unconditional love and belonging all around you.

After completing Module 4 and doing the work, you will wholly remember your birthright as a Nature Intuitive!

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Earth Sensory Perception includes...

5 weekly councils on Zoom to ask questions and share your experiences in ritual with Johanna and other Nature Intuitives

Seed to Sunflower System --my unique system for becoming a Nature Intuitive

Clarify Your Clairs Quiz  --a quiz to help you figure out your intuitive strengths

Intuition Transmission Technique  --signature method for channeling your intuition

Symblopedia Workbook --workbook to create your own symbols dictionary

7.5 Hours of Video Lessons

4 Hours of Audio Meditations

Bonus: Nature Altar pamphlet  --creating an altar space for nature intuition practice

Bonus: Nature Spotify playlist 

Praise for Earth Sensory Perception...

Amanda M.

This is an invitation to get to know the deepest part of yourself and your connection to all beings... Different ways into understanding and believing in the connection we as wild humans share with all wild beings... What are you waiting for?

Tracy M.

It’s such a great program to reconnect and deepen your relationship with the wisdom of nature that’s always around you. A stronger relationship and deeper trust in the information that’s always streaming in, if I simply quiet and listen. 

Leilani D.

If this course calls to you in any way, JUST DO IT! There are so many jewels embedded in each module and offering, that I find myself re-listening to the same one, instead of moving ahead. The information, the writing prompts and the meditations are each a treat to experience. This course has launched me into a journey of deep REmembering of the joyful ease of being in, with and part of the natural world. 

Lindsey M.

I had been feeling un-grounded lately and less connected to my body and nature. Absorbing and working with the materials in this class have helped me to slow down, to notice more and to reconnect with the magic and wonder inherent in the every day. Its so easy to get into autopilot mode when we are busy, to put our head down and just get through. The materials in this class are a friendly nudge back into connection and aliveness. 

Ashlee F.

Johanna is a great instructor, encouraged us to be present, observe/notice the natural world around us and connect with it. Activities were thoughtful, inspiring... Highly recommend!

Rhinda K.

I have taken two of Johanna's classes and they are exactly what I was looking for because she provided a variety of points of view from the world's cultures and the paths to apply what you choose to take from spirituality, empowerment, and awareness of the earth and its beings.

Take a peek into the course!

Here is the first lesson of Module 0: What is Nature Intuition?


(Use the controls in the right-hand corner to adjust volume, playback speed and quality and to expand video to full-screen.)

Praise for Johanna...

Nicholas from Bellevue, WA

This was such an inspiring workshop, which was very helpful to tap into the creative potential during the session, and providing the tools to explore well beyond. Johanna did an amazing job sharing her knowledge and expertise evoking something deeper within us all.

Lindsey, Taos, NM

I would say it is a super fun course, with an excellent collection of materials and exercises for reconnecting you with the natural world as well as that which is just below/beyond the surface. The content of the class is enlivening, unexpected, and challenging in the best way. 

Wendy from Littleton, CO

I had a great time with Johanna. Gained new insights and practices... Added an embodiment and meditation practice. I look forward to practicing what I learned.

Laura from Kemp, TX

...Guided imagery helped me separate the external noise/ego self talk from the internal. Enjoyed Johanna and the whole experience.

Mary from San Francisco, CA

I had a great time on Johanna’s experience and learned quite a bit. I took away some useful tools for grounding myself... Well facilitated, and the exercises were fun and creative... Highly recommend!

Shirley from Arvada, CO

Just take this class. I had a great time... Johanna makes it easy to get involved in the present moment... She is knowledgeable, friendly and open hearted.

Who is this right for?

People in Transition

Are you going through some kind of life transition, (such as your Saturn return, mid-life, marriage, parenthood, grief, empty nest, menopause, graduation, etc.) and feeling a little lost? Do you long to reconnect with who you are truly meant to be? With Earth Sensory Perception, you will learn the tools to find the answers you need from your own innate intuition and from the wisdom of the nature beings who want to help you.

The Highly Sensitive Person

Being an empathetic or highly sensitive person in a society that is crafted for competitive, hustling, extroverts in over-stimulating environments can be really challenging on the daily. Having a means of turning inward, tuning in and finding peace is important to your well-being. Earth Sensory Perception is a path for sensitive spiritual seekers to find validation and connection within the nurturing and loving ecosystem of mama nature.

Earth Lovers/Earth Activists

Does it hurt your heart whenever you see something in the news about climate change and the ongoing destruction of our habitat? Do you feel hopeless or like your efforts are futile and you wish there was something else you could do? Earth Sensory Perception will give you direct communication with what the earth needs and peace of mind that you are on the right path, all while helping to shift the hyper-masculine paradigm of domination and ruination of nature to one of reciprocity and equanimity.


Imagine where you could be in just 5 weeks.


  • Discover a spiritual, meaningful and magical life.

  • Connect to the divine in everything.

  • Create rituals to bring a state of divine reverence into daily life.

  • Be in right relationship with the natural world and help to shift the greater consciousness of humanity into right relationship.