Journey back to yourself in the heart of nature.

Discover the ancient practice of solo medicine walks.


Take a Walk on the Wild Side:

Beginner's Guide to Solo Walks

  • Do you have a question on your heart that requires an answer of substance and depth that you can trust in?

  • Do you have a longing to slow the world down to a contemplative pace, so you will not forget your aliveness?

  • Do you crave a ritual to celebrate the changes occuring within you that only you can understand the extent of?

  • Do you desire a rite of passage to celebrate a life transition?

  • Do you wish for time alone in nature away from modern life?

  • Do you want to spiritually connect with the natural world?

  • Do you want to connect with yourself?


    Then it may be time to consider taking a solo walk.


Fasting and prayer walks have existed throughout time and across many cultures and spiritual practices. Moses hiked up Mt Sinai and fasted for 40 days. Buddha fasted under the Bodhi tree. Mohammed fasted in a cave. Walkabout is a rite of passage in Australian Aboriginal society for adolescent men who live alone in the wilderness for up to 6 months. Some Native American cultures practice Vision Quests which entail fasting in the wilderness for 4 days and 4 nights alone at a sacred site. The kaihōgyō is performed by Tendai Buddhist monks, which involves walking a route around a mountain for up to 1000 days while offering prayers. The ancient Irish practice of pilgrimage is the turas, which means to “walk the rounds” in holy places. Christians pilgrimage to holy shrines for Easter. There are numerous examples.

In these modern times, we can reconnect to these practices through the solo medicine walk.

Solo walks are intended for setting intentions or for answering important questions that your heart is longing to answer. They can be done for any purpose, such as a rite of passage to mark or celebrate a life transition or because you need some space from modern life.

They can be done by anyone at any athletic ability level. You only need access to a wilderness area. If you live in the city, you will need to be able to access a nearby state park or national forest land as you will need lots of space to roam (more than a public park).

You'll spend one day in the wild alone from sunrise to sunset, fasting from food, phone and other distractions of the outside world.

Other than a desire to spend time alone in nature and see what happens when you are lead by your heart instead of your feet, there are no hard fast rules to the solo walk. And although it is called a walk, you don't need to do much walking at all. It is important that you have no destination or goal in mind. Let go and get free.

You may be tested. You may have to confront fears. You may surprise yourself. You may feel emotions you never expected. You will find the answer you seek. You will come to know yourself in new ways.


So, how do you do this thing?

Take a Walk on the Wild Side:

 Beginner's Guide to Solo Walks


20 Page Booklet

This e-booklet contains everything you need to know to go on a solo walk from how to prepare, what to do when you're out there and how to be safe.

Intention Setting Audio Meditation

Use this downloadable audio meditation to help you determine the question that is on your heart to take with you on your journey. 

Forest Deva Audio Meditation

This downloadable guided meditation will help you to connect with the Spirit of the Forest, introduce yourself, and ask for permission and protection. 

List of Journal Prompts

These 10 journal prompts can be used before, during and after your solo walk to connect more deeply with your journey.

What's in the booklet:

  • How to prepare for your solo walk
  • What you need for your solo walk
  • Suggestions for what to do during your solo walk
  • How to make forest tea for your solo walk
  • Rituals to do on your solo walk
  • How to connect with your nature intuition
  • What to do when you return from your solo walk
  • Safety measures 
  • Packing list

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