For beginning writers inspired by nature who are ready to channel their innate creativity onto the page without fears or blocks holding them back.


We are taught that our writing must be up to standard. We are concerned that our spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are subpar. We tell ourselves that we are not “real writers." We tell ourselves we are not creative enough. These myths keep us from our true voice and authentic expression. Sometimes they keep us from writing at all.

  •  Do you struggle with writer’s block?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your inner critic?
  • Are you seeking a way to easily connect with the creative flow?
  • Have you always wanted to write but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to write more but you feel insecure about your writing?
  • Do you want to write with your authentic voice?
  • Would you love to learn the art of writing beautiful prose?
  • Are you inspired by nature and long to connect more with the natural world?
  • Do you long to express your outdoor experiences with vivid poetics?

I'd love to support you.

Intuitive EcoWriting is a way to tune in deeply with yourself, the environment, and your connection to nature through writing, no matter how much or how little writing experience you have.

Through my signature process, we integrate the following elements:

MEDITATE using creative visualization to help us to enter a more relaxed state where we can intuitively channel the creative muse and our authentic voice.

FREE WRITE inspired by indepth journal prompts that help us to mine our own experiences past and present.

CONSIDER the art of nature writing and how to write beautiful prose.

EXPERIENCE nature firsthand whenever possible to fully embody our environment through sensory experiences.

GATHER the intricacies and complexities of our environment, our writing will reflect our love of nature and we will never run out of things to write about.


After Intuitive EcoWriting, you will:

  • Discover a consistent channel to your creativity.
  • Write without that inner critic on your shoulder telling you that you’re no good.
  • Gain tools to easily tap into your writing even when you don’t know where to start or you’re not feeling inspired.
  • Grow confidence in your ability to express yourself through the written word.
  • Learn to write from your heart and with a fully embodied presence.
  • Reveal your true, unique writing voice.
  • Write vivid and poetic prose.
  • Learn new ways to connect with the natural world around you for inspiration.
  • Creatively explore and record your outdoor experiences, whether your passion is forest bathing, backyard gardening, environmentalism, organic farming, mountain climbing, backcountry adventuring, herbalism, walks around the block or more.
  • Deepen your relationship with nature and self.

All that's possible inside...

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Who is this right for?

Beginning Writers

Perhaps you have always loved writing and kept a journal forever. Or maybe you only discovered your interest in writing later in life. You may be inspired by an experience that you feel a strong desire to write about. Or maybe there is a book, blog or project that you have been wanting to complete, but haven't been able to. Whatever your reason, your path has led you to writing as a form of creative expression and you are seeking a way to write fearlessly, creatively and with your unique voice.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nature calls to you and you love to spend time outside, whether that's gardening, wildcrafting, fishing, skiing, surfing or treehugging. In whatever capacity is your relationship with nature, you feel inspired by the great outdoors. Perhaps you also understand that nature holds teachings for the human race that are needed now more than ever. When you are in the natural world, you feel most at peace and at home.

Spiritual Seekers

Writing is more than a form of expression but also a way to process your environment, psyche and transformations. If you are on a spiritual journey and you are seeking a way to further percolate your experiences that will help you to remember your evolution as you grow, Intuitive EcoWriting can be a healing method for you. Connecting with nature is the greatest medicine.


Are you a conservationsist, botanist, naturalist, forest ranger, or environmentalist? Or maybe you are simply an earth lover whose heart hurts whenever you see something in the news about climate change and the ongoing destruction of our habitat. You can make a greater impact on the environmental movement through nature writing and sharing your writing with others. Like the Lorax, you can speak for the trees.

Hi, I'm Johanna!

I'm nature therapy guide, yoga instructor, energy worker, artist, and writer. I earned an MFA in Creative Writing and for almost 25 years I have had a career as a professional writer. For decades I published prolifically, including two books, and taught the craft of writing far and wide at universities, conferences, and schools. Read more about my writing life here.
Then in midlife, an intense reevaluation of my life led me down a new path.
I wanted to be of greater service to the world and considered how writing could be a tool for change both of spirit and earth. A tree-hugging hippie, I took writing outdoors. I created an intuitive approach I call Intuitive EcoWriting, using meditation and embodiment techniques that surpass the logical mind and tap directly into the creativity abundant in nature.
More about me

Praise for Intuitive EcoWriting...

Nicholas from Bellevue, WA

This was such an inspiring workshop, which was very helpful to tap into the creative potential during the session, and providing the tools to explore well beyond. Johanna did an amazing job sharing her knowledge and expertise evoking something deeper within us all.

Alice W., Gaithersburg, MD


Wendy from Littleton, CO

I had a great time with Johanna. Gained new insights and practices for writing or creating. Added an embodiment and meditation practice. I look forward to practicing what I learned.

Laura from Kemp, TX

Great opportunity to connect with local author while soaking in the peace that the area offers. Guided imagery helped me separate the external noise/ego self talk from the internal. Enjoyed Johanna and the whole experience.

Mary from San Francisco, CA

I had a great time on Johanna’s experience and learned quite a bit. I took away some useful tools for grounding myself when writing, and gained a remembering of how beautiful it is to write outdoors. Well facilitated, and the exercises were fun and creative. The group was really nice and I loved hearing them share their writing. Highly recommend!

Shirley from Arvada, CO

Just take this class. I had a great time. Out in a beautiful spot surrounded by nature. Johanna makes it easy to get involved in the present moment and write. She gives writing prompts that are relevant to each individual. She is knowledgeable, friendly and open hearted.

Verlin from Tallahassee, FL

I highly recommended this class for writers looking to improve their writing while also learning how to use nature to become more mindful.

Sherry from Bailey's Harbor, WI

Thoughtful centering practices and well planned. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

Fay from San Diego, CA

Highly recommend this workshop, even if you’re not a writer (like me).
I'm ready!

What's Inside

Intuitive EcoWriting

Lesson 1: Free Writing

In video lesson 1, I'll discuss the Free Write method, what it is and how it will free you from the inner critic. 

This lesson also includes an audio meditation on channeling creativity, a journal prompt and research assignment.


Lesson 2: Vivid Detail

In this video lesson, learn how to write using all of your senses awake. Discover why knowing the details of the world around you can help to improve your writing. I'll also discuss sit spots and how they can improve your writing and wellbeing.

Also includes an audio meditation on sensory perception, 3 journal prompts and 3 research ideas.

Lesson 3: Mine Your Memories

You already have a lifetime of experiences with nature from your own life as well as from your family and culture. In this video lesson, I'll talk about getting inspired by our memories.

Also includes 2 audio meditations to help you recover lost memories, 3 journal prompts and one research idea.

Lesson 4: Figurative Language


In this video lesson, I'll help you to understand how nature can be a mirror for our psyche and therefore a great teacher for inner work. Discover how metaphorical language can help you express these concepts and create beautiful prose. I'll give examples from my favorite nature poets.

Also includes an audio meditation for shapeshifting, 2 journal prompts and 2 research assignments.

Lesson 5: Imaginal Realm

Between reality and imagination resides the imaginal realm, a liminal space where we can more easily communicate with nature beings, or if you prefer, tap into the world of myth. Learn more about the imaginal world of nature in this video lesson.

Also includes an audio meditation for communicating with a nature being, 2 journal prompts and research assignment.

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Don't let these limiting beliefs stop you...

Limiting Belief #1: I am not at all creative.

We are all born creators. There is no limit to our ability to create. Just as nature is in a constant state of creation, so can we be. Somewhere in your childhood someone said something to you to discredit your creative abilities and you believed them. 
All we need to do is tap into the infinite creative flow of nature and the universe. Intuitive EcoWriting can help you to do that.

Limiting Belief #2: Nature writers are outdoorsy and live in the countryside.

Actually, nature is everything, all around us and within us. Yes, many nature writers are "outdoorsy types," but you certainly don't have to be. Your love for nature is enough. Even if you live in the middle of a city, there are parks, rivers, squirrels, house plants, rocks and cats to commune with. And there are also your memories from experiences you had in nature throughout your life or your culture's connection to nature.

Limiting Belief #3: I am a terrible writer.

Maybe you failed 7th grade English and every since you have felt like a writing failure. Well, writing has nothing to do with grammar, spelling or vocabulary. Writing is a skill like anything else. The more you practice the better you get. Being willing to have a "beginner's mind" is the best approach and my method of Intuitive EcoWriting will help you to find your unique writing voice. 

More praise for Intuitive EcoWriting...

Isaac from Kansas City, MO

Johanna... creates an open and safe environment for mindfulness and exploration. I learned new techniques to connect with nature and, in turn, connect with myself... Highly recommended!

Stephanie from Minneapolis, MN

A well-crafted and thoughtful experience. Johanna warmly held the space for writers exceptionally well.

Andrea from Royal Oak, MI

What an amazing experience! ...Johanna is warm and engaging. With her insight and guidance, I was able to break through a creative block of many, many months. I will put into practice her recommendations for continuing writing success. I highly recommend this experience

Becky from Knoxville, TN

Johanna was encouraging and attentive to me and met me where I was in terms of familiarity/comfort with writing... and gave me great tips on continuing to explore writing. Highly recommend!


This was a wonderful experience... Johanna provided a well planned, thoughtful workshop with exercises that enhanced my attention and connection to nature and nurtured my self-expression in a valuable, personal way. Highly recommended, lovely time well spent.

Regina from Oceanside, CA

Johanna is a wonderful instructor with new ideas and ways at looking at nature writing. It’s a way to take the landscape and natural world in by way of observation and honoring it. I really enjoyed this exercise and it helped me get past some writer’s block.

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