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You Are an Old Soul

mythic imaginal nature intuition Oct 18, 2023
nature connections come naturally to an old soul

Have you ever been called an old soul? I bet you have. My mother always said I was an old soul and while I was visiting with her last week, she gave me a book to prove it. The Old Soul’s Guidebook by Ainslie Macleod explains what an old soul is, why they are here and best ways for them to navigate life on Earth.

According to Macleod, you reveal your soul age through your thoughts and behaviors. If you are an old soul, you may be introspective, desire a better world, ecologically conscious, love to belong to a community and help people, concerned about the well-being of others, liberal, spiritual, interested in wellness and self-improvement, altruistic and compassionate. Young souls tend to lean towards materialism, exploitation, hypocrisy, isolation, nationalism, fundamentalism, conservatism, religion, and conformity. The author does not imply that one is better than the other, only that younger souls have more lessons to learn about being human, which is why we all continue to return again and again to Earth, in order to learn.

Macleod says that old souls have been on this Earth for 5-6,000 years, reincarnating an average of 120 times. This means that old souls are people who necessarily existed in one or more previous lifetimes in an earth-based culture, even if they don’t in this lifetime. Additionally, people who return to the Earth over a long period of time are going to be more conscious of taking care of the Earth because they understand their deeper connection.

These are my people!

You are an old soul. That’s why you are drawn to this work, of course.

Somewhere in your deep subconscious, you remember what it felt like to live in alignment with the natural world. You remember your connection to the animate Earth where everything is alive, where you live in the cycles of the moon and seasons, in tune with the wilds. You remember your animal self. You remember who you were before the world tamed you.

Old souls remember their wild souls.

Your wild soul is at hand, and you know it, old soul. You are reading this because you long to return. The natural world longs to be in relationship with you too. The wild within is calling.

What is the wild within?

  • Do you hear a call from deep within your core for something unnamed, untamed that does not exist in the world of modernity, something much more ancient that you can't quite pinpoint?
  • Have you searched for it everywhere in therapy, meditation, wellness retreats, on the yoga mat, in the media, but you've only been able to graze its meaning, never able to fully integrate and embody this craving for something more?
  • Does your yearning feel elusive, only rarely quenched in dreams, in trance, in myth, art and music, and always in nature?

The wild within is the part of you that can reach into the darkest night and pull out a seed of enormous transformation to heal the whole world, the part of you that cries from long ago ancestral pasts into the far away future, the part of you that makes magic of stones, casts spells with songs, shifts energy with your hands, reaps the wisdom of trees, howls in the moonless night, the part of you that does not shy away from the taboo but laughs at it with a trickster yelp and welcomes it in for supper. 

Being connected to the wild within allows you to:

  • Love yourself and know your own unconditional self-worth without needing external validation.
  • Feel rooted, supported, and grounded, so you can easily ebb and flow with the current of life, at peace with divine timing.
  • Be present and fully embodied with all your senses alive.
  • Experience the contentment of inherent gratitude for the simple things in life.
  • Reconnect to your true self & remember your life purpose as an intrinsic part in the whole of existence.
  • Remember the magic of childhood when every tree was a friend and every butterfly a potential fairy.
  • Absorb nature’s healing properties.

Old soul, do you dare to answer the call of the wild within? I would love to support you. Check out any of my offers or reach out to me. Reply and we can discuss.



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