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nature writing Nov 16, 2023

You’ve been wanting to start that CliFi novel or memoir about soloing the PCT or astronomy blog or nature poetry compilation or essay about your grandmother’s farm for years now, but you can’t seem to finish.

You have too many ideas or not enough but either way, you can’t figure out how to get them down on the page in a way that will make sense.

You’re worried that everything you write is crap anyway. 

Maybe you’re wondering, what is the magic sauce that writers have that you don’t have? How do they cook together beautiful prose like an elegant and delicious desert for perfect consumption?

Why is it so difficult to write what’s in your heart? How do you find the inspiration to start again and again, creating fresh content and poetic prose? 

I have heard these same struggles from many of my students.

Some of them used to be prolific writers who stopped and couldn’t get started again. Some have an idea that yearns for expression, but they don’t know how to start. Some have begun projects that end up in a stalemate, refusing to progress.

The struggle is real. 

There is a better way.


"Johanna’s class was fantastic. She really gave me a new sense of perspective when it comes to writing, nature and life in general. I highly recommend you take her class." -Mike from New York, NY


"The experience was shaped to draw writers deeper into the natural, sensory, physical and spiritual journey of listening and responding. I am so grateful to her for her kind and gentle guidance. I'm not sure I am finished exploring all that came out of that workshop." -Allison from  Round Rock, TX 


Intuitive EcoWriting uses embodied free writing, meditation, inspiring writing prompts, and the infinite connection to creativity that is nature to unblock even the most stubborn self-critics.

All my students walk away with new material, fresh ideas, and tools to continue inspired writing. And Intuitive EcoWriting means finding your authentic writing voice and allowing it to shine through, so your writing is unique and compelling.

Imagine you could finally finish that memoir about your backpacking trip to South America you took in your 20s or that book of poems about your mom’s passing or that road trip novel or be consistent with your gardening blog or your social content for your herbal beauty business.

Imagine if you could write easily and effortlessly everywhere with your most authentic voice. 

If you’re ready to start writing or to start writing again, you can begin today by tapping into the creativity that is all around you. Nature is the source of inspiration that will allow you to shine your creative writing on whatever you long to illuminate.

Become a writer today.


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