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Nature Connections Equal Good Health

forest bathing nature therapy Jan 09, 2024
spending time in nature connecting improves health mentally, physically and spiritually

At the start of each year, we tend to reevaluate our habits and good health usually pops up as the number one aspect of living that we need to focus on. Of course, it does! Without good health, nothing else really matters. Wealth, status, and romance become a lot less important when you feel like shit. When you feel healthy, you are able to shine, and you have more energy to do the things you want.

Eating well, getting exercise, drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins are the obvious habits that top our list, but often we leave off one of the most important things we need for good health, nature connection.

Here’s why. (With links to studies for those who want to do their own research.)



SPIRITUAL BENEFITS: (sorry, no scientific studies for this one, LOL)

  • Moments of awe and wonder that you experience in nature when you see a sunset, animal or beautiful vista, remind us of the joy of being alive in celebration and curiosity.
  • Tuning into the seasons reminds us that we are ever evolving beings in tune with all of life around us and teaches us acceptance versus resistance.
  • Recognizing the interconnectedness of our ecosystem reminds us of our interdependence with all beings human and other-than-human, which shows us how to share and care for each other.
  • Connecting with nature beings reminds us that we belong to the Earth as part of the entire community of Earth and expands our worldview to be more inclusive.
  • With time in nature, we can learn gratitude for simple gifts like water, plants, air and sun.
  • Being in nature shows us how to see and appreciate beauty in imperfections.
  • Reflecting on the natural world and how magically everything works together, we may feel closer to the sacred and be reminded of our own divinity.

When considering improving your health in 2024, don’t forget the one thing that has the greatest impact on your well-being, nature connections. Get outside more. Connect with the nature beings all around you, longing to be in reciprocal relationship with you.


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