"Moon"thly Online Meetup

With the purpose of gathering together to share and create community around nature ritual and reverence, I host free New Moon Zoom Rituals each "moon"th.

Creating a new moon ritual is a great way to live with intention. By aligning our rituals with the moon, we are connecting to the cosmos, ocean tides, cyclical time and our own bodies. The new moon marks the beginning of the moon cycle. Like the darkened moon surface, the new moon represents a clean slate and an opportunity to start anew. It's watery feminine energy of withdrawal, surrender and retreat is a great time for turning inward and doing intuitive work.

Combining guided meditation, journaling and divination, we will consider the cycle that came before and set intentions for the cycle ahead. After, there will be time for reflection and sharing. No experience needed. Everyone welcome.

Due to the timeliness of these rituals and the group sharing, they are not recorded.

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Next New Moon Zoom Rituals on "Moon"days:

MONDAY February 12th 6-7:30 MT

THURSDAY, March 7th 6-7:30 PM MT

THURSDAY April 11th 6- 7:30 PM MT

MONDAY May 6th 6- 7:30 PM MT

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